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UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center Opening with iPad/Apple TV Patient Care Solution

The brand new UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center will be opening by the end of this year with a patient care solution using iPads and Apple TVs connected to a 60-inch TV in all of their 246 patient rooms. Patients will be able to access their medical information and patient education material using the MyChart Bedside app by Epic, control the lighting, temperature, window shades and the television in their room via the Crestron app. The patient can also stay connected with their family and friends using FaceTime, Skype, and other social apps

A 25 iPad and an accompanying MyChart Bedside app pilot project was conducted at another UCSD hospital over the last six months. eWeek notes that the iPads and the MyChart Bedside apps also allow patients and their families to put video games on the iPads to entertain children who are visiting patients, giving the children something to do while in the hospital. As to outcomes, eWeek quotes an administrator as saying ”We’ve seen measurable results – nurses say that families are staying longer when they visit, which is really beneficial for the patients,” he said. “The goal was to make things easy for the patients, to make them feel more secure.”

From the technical side, when patients are discharged, the iOS hardware uses Jamf Pro and the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to enable the hospital’s IT department with the ability to remotely wipe and re-enroll the device without ever touching it. The Jamf Pro’s Self Service app catalog enables patients to customize their device and simply install the apps they want or need  – without having to enter an Apple ID or password. Patients can also view content or engage with apps on their Apple TV.

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