I am a nursing faculty member in a state university in New Jersey. I have been a nurse for 35 years. My experience ranges from staff nurse to Chief Nursing Officer in a variety of settings including critical care, pre-hospital care EMS, a defense law firm, acute care hospitals and long term care facilities.

My first experience with Apple technology was an Apple IIc followed by a 512K Enhanced Macintosh. Years later I began using Windows-based PCs as that was the standard in healthcare. In 2011 I transitioned my learners and faculty colleagues to using iPod touch devices as clinical reference tools. We had previously been using Windows Mobile devices. The ease of use these devices for our students has enhanced their ability to think critically as they have evidence-based resources right in their lab coat pocket. This was further enhanced when I transitioned our learners and faculty to the iPad mini in May of 2013. I went back to the Mac and don’t want to look back.

This blog will present reviews of apps that can be useful for learners and faculty as well as practicing nurses as well as tips on using your Apple technology and news about mobile technology in healthcare.


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