I strongly believe that the newly announced Apple Watch has a place in healthcare for patients and providers alike. WebMD has just announced their WebMD Apple Watch app.


When a patient acceses their WebMD Apple Watch app, they’ll see their daily medication schedule and information about whether or not they’ve taken their prescribed dose. There are also medication instructions, such as taking the medication with food, and can obtain additional detailed information on their iPhone via Handoff.


The app also includes a “Medication Reminder” notification function that includes customizable pill images, as well as dosage and timing information.  When a patient is prompted to take a medication, they are presented with one of four possible actions:
• Take the Medication
• Skip the Medication
• Snooze
• Dismiss the Reminder


If a patient chooses “Snooze,” they will be reminded to take the medication again after 15 minutes.  If a patient selects to “Dismiss” a given reminder, they will receive an alert at the time of the next scheduled dose.

For more information see:


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